Pacific Ventures Announces Plans To Expand The Snobar Distribution Nationwide And Eventually Reach Worldwide Success

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Original Article:

Below is our recent interview with Shannon Masjedi, CEO of Pacific Ventures:

Beauregard Moody

Q: How did you come up with the idea of ice cream and an adult beverage?

A: The idea of Snobar came to me one night at home while I was trying to create a special desert and mixed alcohol and ice cream together. The rest has been a very special history. Please go to, click about us, then click the Snobar link to view all our great products.

Q: What are the favorite products?

A: The Pops. Be sure to check out he pops!

Pacific Ventures

Q: Where do you sell these?

A: We sell to retailers, distributors, restaurants and hotels.

Pacific Ventures

Q: How to you avoid selling to kids?

A: Our packaging is child resistant and our products are soldas distilled spirits and require id when scanned at the register.

Q: Tell us about your plans for Pacific Ventures’ future.

A: To continue expanding the Snobar distribution to nationwide and eventually worldwide success.

The company, PACV, also plans to continue to identify quality acquisitions within the food and beverage industry.